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   Sophisticated lead generating website options never available to small business – at this caliber – without spending $100K and waiting a whole year. Until now. ~ Watch the Video   

Not only do we offer the best lead generation website technology on the market – we guarantee results. That’s real business in the door.

Only ONE lead generating website will be sold in any one industry, in any given city / service area.

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“The value of a business is NOT in it’s ability to DO the work. Or even in the equipment.

The value of a business is in it’s ability to GET the work.”… To Generate LEADS!
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Why You Can’t Compete With Your “Lead Generating” Business Website
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The advantage the largest lead generation companies have is development technology. The ability to create massive lead generation websites with overwhelming presence in every corner of your service area – and easily rank everywhere so they can charge you exorbitant lead fees and sell them to all your competitors too – at the same time. We do the same.

But… for a limited time we’ll deliver to you a lead generating website using our technology – and set you up for gold. And you’ll own it 100% outright. Exactly what they do, and we do every day.

If saving up to 90% on the cost of getting a new client appeals to you… and owning your lead source – then this is definitely for you.

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Get the eBook where we discuss pricing and you’ll understand why it would cost you $100K to get your own powerful Lead Generation Site like the industry behemoths have: And why you must have one…

Especially if it costs LESS than a basic quality business website… which doesn’t even drive calls!

Newsflash! 62% of web searchers DON’T like to click on ads! That means 62% of leads come from SEO.

Our Guarantee For Your Lead Generation Website

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We offer the most comprehensive, simple and “bullet proof” guarantee in the industry.

As long as you (or someone you hire… even a VA) implements our recommended simple “9 Step Launch’n Rank” process, and you don’t get 100 calls in 12 months starting on the day you take possession of your new lead generation website, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

AND you get to keep the site!

100% Exclusivity

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We recognize that we need to protect the competitive advantage of any of our lead generation website customers in their city and service area. Therefore, only ONE lead generating website will be sold in any one industry, in any given city / service area. That means for example, that if you have a plumbing company servicing all of Kansas City, we will NOT sell one to any other plumbing company in Kansas City.

However… if you don’t act quickly, and you’re the 2nd plumbing company who comes to us… we will not be able to help you.

This topic is covered in detail in our eBook.
Get it HERE.

Owning your Lead Source, Dominating your Competition and Reducing your Cost of New Business Acquisition By Up to 90%.
What You Get Back to Top
You’re getting the result of $100K of lead generation website development technology, development and testing at a tiny fraction of the cost. You’ll have a powerful lead generating website – to do exactly what the biggest national brands can do! Which is dominate the market and drive leads.

Now you’ll own your lead source. To learn why this is massively important get the eBook ~ The Definitive Guide To Lead Generating Websites where we also cover more on pricing.

And we’ve made it dead simple. You’ll get a 100% business ready WordPress, 100-200 page Lead Generation website. It’ll be ready to work for you immediately.

With 1,600 to 2,000+ words of UNIQUE content on every page, service pages, blogs, images, click-to call, contact form, and all SEO optimized.

EXACTLY how we drive leads and charge for them one by one – every day, 24/7.. Once your site is live, you may not have to do anything with content for years. Just answer the phone!

In fact, it’s probably easier to manage than your existing site. Even though it’s at least 20x its size and power… And weight in GOLD.

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Ask your Lead Generation Expert contact about getting free access to our SEO course!
Regular price: $197/mo

See Below


Typical Markets For Deploying Lead Generation Websites: For Contractors And Other Local Businesses

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Below is a sample list of current market pricing to buy qualified lead calls.

A Lead Generation Website is the most powerful when we zero in on your most profitable service and market. The broader your net – the less effective it is. For example: If you have a painting company and your most profitable business is whole house interior and/or exterior painting, or commercial, then we will build a Lead Generation Website for you that drives the most profitable business.

Below are the industry call costs for EXCLUSIVE QUALIFIED leads. The general definition of “qualified” for these prices is that it’s calls from people looking for the specific service you offer. They include price shoppers. Only exclude calls that are not related to your service.

Average Cost Per Lead Charged By Owners Of Lead Generation Websites

Which you won’t have to pay anymore!
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  • Appliance Repair $25 – 55
  • Auto Body $20 – 50
  • Auto Glass $15 – 35
  • Auto Repair $15 – 35
  • Carpet Cleaning $25 – 55
  • Damage Restoration $300 – 700
  • Electricians $30 – 65
  • Flooring $30 – 65
  • General Home Improvement $30 – 85
  • Home Inspectors $30 – 65
  • HVAC New Install $80 – 130
  • HVAC Service & Repair $35 – 70
  • Junk Removal $25 – 50
  • Kitchen Remodeling $45 – $85
  • Maid Service $25 – 60
  • Mold Remediation $75 – 250
  • Painting $35 – 75
  • Pest Control $30 – 65
  • Plumbing $30 – 70
  • Power Washing $35 – 75
  • Remodeling $100 – 230
  • Roof Repair – $55 – 100
  • Roof Replacement $110 – 250
  • Towing $15 – 35
  • Window Replacement $35 – 75

The ROI: Money You Put in the Pockets of Lead Sellers & Ad Platforms Back to Top
This is what you’re probably doing now – also applies to paid ads.

Your cost per lead (not click): $35
You convert 1 of 3 qualified calls
= $105 to get a new customer

Because you don’t own the lead source, 100 new customers costs you $10,500

It never ends.
You have no control.
You don’t own the lead source.

But what If you had your own Lead Generation Website?

In Year 1, with $3,000 in SEO your cost has already dropped to about $70 per new customer.

In year 2… and forever, your cost of getting a new client would continually drop till it reaches about $10.

When you own the lead source, 100 new customers costs you about $1,000.

And you OWN the lead source, which makes your company 3x more valuable than the next guy.

Guess who makes a killing on getting you clients? Yup…Lead generation companies and advertisers. Including us, 24/7.

You paid $105 for 3 leads and got 1 customer.

In this example, it costs a lead generation provider about $20 to deliver 3 calls on average. That’s an $85 profit margin made from selling on the call to you, simply because you don’t own your lead source.

Until now – you couldn’t anyway.

And guess what? Companies like HomeAdviser use SEO for 94% of the leads YOU pay for. They all have the technology. But won’t give it to you.

Want a Lead Generation Website? This is All We Need
If you do want us to build you your own source of business leads, in the form of a Lead Generating Website, we’ll need to know a few things about your business.

We need to know what is your most profitable service. What service would you like to get more work doing?

We’ll need your photos, your logo and basic business information. That’s pretty much it!

Additional Expenses: Maintenance costs are the same as for any other website. You’ll have to pay for hosting, a contact management system for the input form (like Mailchimp, Aweber or Active Campaign) and a tracking phone number if you’d like to track your leads and get lead data. You’ll be able to either do your own SEO, or hire a hosting / SEO company. We can help you with that too.

Check Out Our Lead Generation Website Examples

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Below are 4 examples of Lead Generation Websites. They include Pressure Washing, Kitchen Remodeling , Equine – Farrier Services and Crypto Currency ATMs Worldwide
Pressure Washing Contractor Lead Generation Website Example
ALL 100-200 pages is about the same size!
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Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Lead Generation Website Example
ALL 100-200 pages is about the same size!
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Crypto Currency Contractor Lead Generation Website Example
ALL 100-200 pages is about the same size!
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Equine – Farrier Contractor Lead Generation Website Example
ALL 100-200 pages is about the same size!
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About Us: Making the Impossible… Possible   Back to Top

Don Plenter and Tracy Thomas are the founders of this five year old technology company. We’re focused on the development of lead generating websites. We deliver exclusive and high quality leads to “local” businesses in thousands of cities at dramatically lower cost than has been possible, historically.

Using our proprietary technology and systems, developed and tested over the last five years, it’s now possible for smaller local businesses to compete with industry behemoths, and to stop relying on them for expensive lead generation and advertising services.

We deploy our technology for clients in 2 ways. They have an option to have both!

1. To become a “local approved partner” under our national brands, (if we already have a site in their industry) in order to receive UNLIMITED and EXCLUSIVE business leads for a year, against a flat annual fee. We also GUARANTEE business – not just calls.

~ AND / OR ~

2. To purchase their own local business lead generation website, created with our systems and deployed exactly as we deploy our national sites. These local “mini monster” lead generation sites are typically between 100 – 200 pages.

Given our technological advantage, these sites are created for our clients at a cost savings of between 80% to 95% of what they’d pay anywhere else.

95% of our clients already have a basic business website (some several). Many become our local partner and also buy a lead gen site from us. This ensures maximum potential coverage of their service area on the internet.

For more information, get the eBook, reach out. Ask questions.

We are NOT a “full service agency” providing jack-of-all trades digital marketing.

Our single focus (which is why we’re very good at it) is deploying our technology to deliver leads that can result in an 80% drop in the cost of getting new clients.

We don’t design websites, run ads manage digital marketing for clients. We deploy our proven technology out-of-the-box to drive leads, eliminating endless hours of work and input and meetings by the business owners.

We’re solution based. One price, 100% done and delivered.